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How Kingsnympton has celebrated
Jubilees through the years
Platinum Jubilee 2022
Drone selfie
The main celebration for the Platinum Jubilee was held at the Parish Hall
Despite gloomy weather the drone selfie came out well!
Jubilee slide show
For a slide show of other pictures from the Jubilee celebrations see the Powerpoint presentations below
1/Beacon and decorated houses
2/ School tea party
3/  Church service and lunch part 1
4/  Lunch part 2
school tea
church/lunch pt1
lunch pt 2
Jubilee film
Jubilee film

Martin Pailthorpe and Anthea Sanders have been working on a project to collect people's memories from the Coronation in 1953.  there are some fantastic stories from Kingsnympton and further afield. It received its world premier in the Parish Hall on June 5th! It's a great story that reflects how the country celebrated, so make sure you don't miss it!! Click on the box below.
all contributors_edited.jpg
Diamond Jubilee 2012
For the Diamond Jubilee in 2012 we had a huge tea in the Parish Hall...
...followed by a Hog Roast, Beacon Lighting and  Jazz Band in the evening
(complete with champagne and cake)