Jubilee bin collections.
It looks like our Thursday black bin collection on 2nd June is being done earlier in the week, and garden waste postponed, but recycling stays the same.
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ATS Sports are planning to launch regular Rugby and Football sessions for kids aged between 18 months and 7 years.

They are hoping to launch their Kingsnympton sessions in the Parish Hall in April (dependent on them securing a good Lead coach.


They’ll be offering football and rugby classes as follows and can offer a free taster for either. Pay as you go is £6.50 or £25 for a calendar month of classes. 


Saturday - Football

8.30am - Shooting Stars - 18 months up to 3 years

9.30am - Meteors - 3 years & 4 years

10.30am - Titans - 5 years to 7 years


Sunday - Rugby

8.30am - Kiwis - 18 months up to 3 years

9.30am - Wallabies - 3 years & 4 years

10.30am - Springboks - 5 years to 7 years

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Fibre Broadband in Kings Nympton

Villagers who signed up for full fibre broadband contracts when the local network went live in 2020 will shortly be approaching the end of the contract with their original provider.


The end of contract presents a moment of opportunity; we might choose to stay with our current provider, or we might shop around and see what other companies are offering.


The number of alternative providers being given access to the Openreach fibre network is still limited, but alternatives there are, including Vodafone which has told me that it expects in the next month or so be able to offer fibre broadband to Kings Nympton over the Openreach network and thus present some competition to BT.


For obvious reasons I am unable to offer personalised advice, but in general terms I would encourage villagers to consider the following suggestions:

  • Do not simply allow your expired contract to roll-on. If you do you will be automatically switched to a higher monthly price with no increase in speed. Like banks and insurance companies, broadband providers hope you won’t move at the end of the contract because that allows them to make more money from you.

  • Do remind yourself about your contract period and shop around in time to switch, if you decide to do so, to an alternative provider.

  • If you decide to stay with your current provider, ask them for a new contract. If you suggest that you will leave unless they come up with a more competitive offer, you will likely be offered considerably more speed for virtually the same monthly charge that you currently pay. BT for one keeps such offers in its ‘back pocket’ for just such an eventuality.


Slightly earlier than the rest of the village to get full fibre, we in Steeple Meadow have all now signed new contracts. My household now has double the speed for 40p a month more. Readers of this note might do better still. I hope you do!


Kevin Fiske, Little Coopers.

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Road closures for surface dressing
A number of roads in the Kingsnympton/Chulmleigh area are going to be closed from the beginning of April to allow for surface dressing and repairs. The affected roads are highlighted in the attached pdf, specific notifications will be issued nearer the time, and you can find out more here :