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The council's recycling service is great, but we all know there are certain things they won't take.


Tesco and Sainsburys are now allowing shoppers to drop   off bags of otherwise un-recyclable           

material (crisp packets, food wrapping,    

cling film etc) at its stores.

For those unable to get to Tesco, Cedric Pulford takes in old crisp packets and polystyrene and arranges for them to be recycled. Bags can be dropped at Edge House

cedric pulford.jpg
chrissie king.jpg

Chrissie King is also collecting plastic wrapping which she takes to the supermarkets - bags can be dropped at Sunnyhurst


With more and more bubble wrap coming through the door thanks to online delivery services, it's good to know that can be re-used - Lisa Twyman is happy to take it off your hands for her etched-glass and stained-glass business

For unwanted electronic items (tablets, phones etc) Currys/PC World in Barnstaple will take them in and arrange for all the metals and other components to be recycled 

Image by John Cameron

Sainsburys take old batteries

Plastic Wrapping
Crisp Packets
Electrical items
Bubble Wrap


There is no shortage of Charity Shops in South Molton and Barnstaple which take in (and re-sell) clothes, furniture, books etc.                         

But a great option for second hand furniture is the North Devon Hospice Furniture store on the Two Rivers Estate in Barnstaple


And for unwanted clothing, keep an eye out for posters in the village advertising Bags2School - several times a year, the Friends of Kingsnympton School organise a collection of unwanted clothes - which are then distributed all around the world. The school gets paid based on the weight of clothes donated                       

Charity Shops
2nd Hand Furniture
Bags for School - clothing
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