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Revd Stuart Innals


Tel: 01769 572637

Senior Steward
Mr. David Hooper

Tel: 01769 580394

The Hall of the Chapel is available for use to the local community. 

Extremely reasonable hire cost. Contact 01769 580983 for further details.

Christmas Greetings from the Methodist Church. We will not be holding a Christmas Morning Service. Sunday 24th December (Christmas Eve) 11am Service will be led by Rev. Jeanette Richardson. This will be a Holy Communion Service. We wish you all a Very Merry and Peaceful Christmastime.
tn_meth panel 1.jpg

One of the most striking features of the Methodist Church is its stunning wall hanging. 

Led by Mrs Cheryl Barrett, who is an Ecclesiastical Embroiderer, the Fellowship ladies finally completed the work on 14th July 2011. 

The hanging was dedicated on 23rd September. It is an outstanding piece of artistic craftsmanship and hung on a beautiful oak frame.

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