We're keen to see Kingsnympton do its bit to Reduce Reuse and Recycle - these pages give a few ideas, but feel free to contact us with your own tips as we try to make the community as sustainable as possible!

A few links -

shops that sell refills for your containers of washing and cleaning products, as well as herb and spice jars.

Most also sell organic goods and local produce.

shopping local - bypassing the supermarkets to buy great local produce, or from an independent outlet.

recycling - everything from crisp packets and plastic wrapping that the council won't take - to polystyrene - via bubble wrap and electronic items

A clothes recycling scheme that raises money for Kingsnympton Primary School


Solar panels
If you are interested in having solar panels installed Devon County Council runs a scheme called `Solar Together' which co-ordinates a group buying scheme to get the best deals possible.