Kingsnympton community film club

The idea behind the Film Club is similar to a book club - each film will be suggested by someone from within the group based on their own tastes, the only stipulation being that we avoid mainstream movies. Not all films will be ones you might have chosen yourself, but - as with a book club - the idea is to push people out of their comfort zones and to watch stuff they wouldn't have thought of watching!

Plenty of scope for a discussion about the film afterwards.

I have obtained an umbrella license from the Motion Picture Licensing Company - the license comes with a couple of caveats, which I will outline below, but it allows unlimited film showings during the year of any legally obtained film at a single named venue.

My plan - initially - is to use the committee room of the Parish Hall - many of the films we might want to show are only available on streaming services, and the hall has good broadband. They are happy for it to be a BYO venue, and for those who want something other than standard hall seating, I suggest they bring along their own deck chairs/folding garden chairs etc!

Back to the license - it costs around £260 for a year. I have set up a bank account, and suggest that anyone who can donates £20-£30 (depending on how many agree to contribute). Anyone who does donate would be paid back once we have taken enough money to cover the fee.

Those caveats - while we can advertise dates anywhere we like, we can ONLY publicise what specific film we are showing privately. Because the KN FB site is a members only site, it will be ok to publicise the film there, but not - say - on posters around the village or elsewhere.

The other caveat is that we are not allowed to charge to see the film - so income has to be generated in other ways - the MPLC suggests things like a charge for food or drink/ raffle etc. My suggestion is that we ask for a donation (say £5pp) to cover hall fees, `corkage' for BYO and as a contribution towards the running of the club - once we have generated enough money those who chipped in for the license would be re-imbursed - any extra would go towards the following year's license, or maybe a fund to buy our own kit (projector/sound system etc).

I have some thoughts (my own, and other people's!) for the first few films but will be looking for others.

Martin Pailthorpe